Online E Learn conducted a research to where the effective and efficient teachers can be found. All throughout the entire process of experimentation, teachers stand-out are from different nationalities. Indeed, our teachers came from all around the world. To mention such;


U.S.A Teachers – To whom we consider as Native English Teachers. Mother-tongue or the first language is English.They are quite expensive but the service is absolutely guaranteed.

Canada Teachers  – Some are Native English Speakers and some are Speakers in English as their second language. The pricing depends on the agreement of the teacher. Their service is absolutely guaranteed as well.

British English Teachers – They are available upon the learner’s request. Teachers who are Native British English Speakers who teach accent, grammar, and a lot more. Their service is absolutely guaranteed.

English Teachers from Philippines – It was few years back as we conduct research for effective and reliable teachers on the internet, we found a certified article which actually came out on the daily news about teachers from Philippines are absolutely perfect for learners who are studying English as a Second Language. As we work along with Filipino Teachers, their service is absolutely guaranteed.

All teachers we have are guaranteed and can be trusted in terms of learner’s acquisitions. They could be expensive or less yet they do their role for the learners.

In return of Online E Learn’s gratitude, we offer our teachers guaranteed fulfillment of all the agreement they have signed into.

Our teachers are obliged to sign a contract especially for students who take advantage of our term enrollment. Which is more advantage to the learners because it is guaranteed that the teacher wont leave the learner in the middle of the course. It is also an assurance that the teacher is reliable.

Online E Learn do not limit teachers to be part of  the institution, as of this moment we have these teachers already, but we are open to those nationalities who are not mentioned above. We love working with different teachers with different certificates as well.

Please refer to the next page for more information about teachers and their rates.

Most of our teachers are certified passers and high ranked individuals who attained certificates like TOEFL, ESL, IELTS and the like.

Online E Learn values each of the teacher’s attainment when it comes with certificates. It’s a big deal to the institution. We also offer other agreement to those who are certified teachers with certificates.

All our teachers teach students in the comfort of their home with full internet access, reliable internet connection and reliable accessories like headsets, microphones, and computers/laptop.

Online E Learn assures all of you to study and learn with our certified in your own preferences.

Meet our professional teachers at your convenient time, Online E Learn will provide teacher’s information and qualifications in your preference as soon as we receive your interest in taking lessons online.

Let us know your preferred time and style of teachings, by then our teachers are ready to meet you up at anytime.

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